About the event.

This is our second annual event, where CrossFit South Africa has partnered with us to further raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer screenings and making a direct impact in South Africa through providing funds to those woman who cannot afford these services.

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Co-Founder of BCWG

Co-Founder of BCWG

BCWG Workout summary.

The workout will consist of three parts, each representing the phases of a woman on her journey to battle breast cancer...

The Unknown...

The Hardship...

The Victory...

Event 1:

The Unknown.

Representing first diagnosis and not knowing what to expect.

Event 2:

The hardship and long journey.

Representing the treatment journey that the women needs to undergo.

Event 3:

The Victory.

Representing the celebration of the end of treatment and the road to remission.

Lifting Barbell

Help us reach our goal by 
making her fight your  fight.

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15 October 2022 - Your Local CrossFit Gym

Enter now before it's too late.
Limited spots available.


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